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Faculty of Natural Science under the aegis of GNA University organized National Mathematics
Day supported by DPSCST, NCSTC & DST under Azadi ka Mahatutsav. GNA University
celebrated the National Mathematics Day on the birth anniversary of the mathematician
Srinivasa Ramanujan, “a man who knew infinity”.
The event was divided into two, the first part was having the exhibition of model (working &
non-working) and poster on theme of Mathematics in which huge number of students
participated and showed their creativity by preparing different models based on the applications
& role of mathematics in different fields.

Three positions in each section were given as under:
I. Poster Presentation:
1 st postion: Esha & Prerna
2 nd position: Bableen Kaur, Rishab Kaura
3 rd position: Jaskaran Singh , Vivek Tiwari
II. Working Model:
1 st postion: Priyanka, Jaskaran Singh
2 nd position: Sahil Sharma, Manish Yadav
3 rd position: Vikramjit Parmar, Brayan
III. Non – working Model:
1 st postion: Anjali Bhandari, Geetika
2 nd position: Dhruv Kaura, Arjun Tangri
3 rd position: Karanjit Singh, Ankit Yadav.
In the second part of the event, a guest lecture was delivered by Dr. Ashish Arora, Professor,
IKGPTU who explained the working, life history and contributions of Srinivasa Ramanujan in
the field of mathematics. He motivated students to work in the field of mathematics.
S. Gurdeep Singh Sihra, the Pro-Chancellor, GNA University appreciated the efforts of the
faculty in holding up the event at a large scale.
Dr. VK Rattan, the Vice-Chancellor, GNA University during her congratulatory note to the
students congratulated them about their creative work done on models and posters which can
create interest and motivate other students to participate in such events.

Mr. Yogesh Bhalla, Head of Department, Faculty of Natural Sciences expressed, “I
acknowledge the Management for always being a relentless support in guiding and executing
such events.”

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