Mon. Jun 8th, 2020

Ludhiana Police issues guidelines for Jewellers for Security of shops

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Public Times Bureau

Ludhiana: The Ludhiana Police Commissioner Rakesh Aggarwal has issued guidelines for ensuring safety of jewellery shops. The guidelines were issued few days after the robbery in jewellery shop in Ghumar Mandi, Ludhiana. Police Commissioner Rakesh Aggarwal suggested to

1. Install good quality CCTV system in sufficient number with night recording capability. it should have recording DVR storage at multiple locations simultaneously. one DVR can be kept in the home or nearby shop also so that even if thieves takes away one DVR, recording is available in other DVRs. the recording can also be stored on cloud on internet.

2. Deployment of armed security guards at shops during day and night.

3. Police verification of all staff members and servants of the jewellery shop .

4. Locking showcases when not in use during lunchtime or night-time

5. Properly Locking up windows and doors in the night and use of strong doors which locks automatically.

6. Removing all display items at the night time and Placing jewellery in a strong safe.

7. Building the store with good-quality material that protects it from easy breaking.

8. Proper record keeping of the inventory of goods.

9. Insurance of Jewellery Shop.

10. Inform the police immediately in case you notice any suspicious person roaming around near your shop.

The police said that these measures will help reduce the untoward incidents or catch the accused later.

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