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International honour for CMCH,Ludhiana surgeon

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Ludhiana: Safe Laparoscopic chole task force which is a constituent of society of American gasto-Endoscopic surgeons(SAGES) which is the world’s largest organisation of Laparoscopic and Endoscopic surgeons of America has nominated  Dr.Ranbir singh as the 1st Indian surgeon from the developing countries as the committee member of the Safe Laparoscopic task force. This Task force aims at propagating, teaching and educating the surgeons the ways and means of performing safe Laparoscopic surgery for the most common problem of gallbladder stone disease through various  teaching modules and courses. The different committee members from all over the world are assigned specific tasks in spreading the culture of safety in Laparoscopic surgery in their respective countries and region.
In this regards Dr Ranbir singh, Consultant and Assistant Professor of surgery, division of Minimally Invasive surgery, Christian Medical college and hospital , Ludhiana was invited as a faculty among other national and international speakers to deliver a talk and demonstrate safe Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in difficult gallstone problems through Critical view of safety in  Guwahati, Assam from 7 th to 9 th February 2020.
Dr. Aurora pryor ,the President of SAGES who was attending this congress as the chief guest participated in the discussion on the delivered lecture, appreciated and congratulated Dr Ranbir for carrying forward the message of safety in Laparoscopic surgery.She also twitted on social media to thousands of surgeons around the world appreciating Dr Singh’s role in performing safe Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery.
Dr Singh said that the problem of gallstone disease is common among northern and North-east states right from punjab to Assam.It is all because of the dietary habits like rich in cholesterol, fat rich diet, obesity and hormonal factors in women. Elaborating on the diagnostics workup of these patients he said that majority of patients harbour silent stones and present to the surgeons/physician with Gas problem, heaviness after meals and dyspepsia.He advised the patients to get an ultrasound of their abdomen when they get such symptoms and henceforth consult their surgeons. These stone problems should not be taken lightly or casually as they get complicated at times causing inflammation, pus formation, jaundice and pancreatitis.
Cautioning the surgeons not to take up these patients casually as serious complications  of duct and vascular injuries have  been ported in the world literature(1 in every 100-150 patients).He showed his published data that these complications occur because of lack of sound understanding of the complicated network around the gallbladder.Moreover the young and inexperienced surgeons get deceptive in case when there is inflammation and infection and in difficult condition the right structures to be clipped and instead normal structures are cut.
The safe Laparoscopic task force through its chairman Prof.Michael Brunt,Director and chief Minimally invasive surgery, WASHU, USA and the legendary Prof Strasberg advocated a procedure of surgery to identify the structures correctly which is known as the CVS technique.
To practice CVS needs expertise, understanding and more time but it gives 100% guarantee in misidentification injuries.Practicing this method the surgeons don’t  get into an error trap clipping wrong ducts.
Dr Ranbir singh got his advanced training in Laparoscopic surgery from Galaxy care hospital pune and Washington University, St. Louis,USA. He is also the fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr Singh has a number of National and international publications and book chapter on the same topic to his name.

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