Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020

Police issued orders to prevent robbery incidents in Gold Loan companies

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Police issued orders to prevent robbery incidents in Gold Loan companies

  1. All owners/management of Gold Loan companies and other financial institutions shall put good quality Day & Night CCTV cameras to cover the road in front of the branch, all entry and exit points, reception desk and all other vital points inside the branch with DVR/NVR storage of upto 30 days with UPS/Power backup.
  2. Management shall be responsible to install the DVR/NVR and its UPS, in a place not easily identifiable by visitors (preferable in strong room), to prevent any damage to the same by miscreants. There must be a provision of remote recording and storage of footage, maybe at a regional office or headquarter of company, for any eventuality.
  3. Management shall be responsible to install and ensure smooth functioning of burglary alarms in the branches. The burglary alarm should be separately operate-able by branch manager, cashier and any other official of the branch from their seats. The alarm must be:-

a) Linked to their respective head offices. Head offices must in turn have an effective and prompt communication system where in call message can be immediately dispatched to Ludhiana Police Commissionerate Control Room (Phone No. 78370-18500, 0161-2414932, 0161-2414933) and text messages can be automatically and immediately dispatched to concerned SHO, ACP, ADCP, Jt. CP and CP in case of any emergency for immediate necessary counter action.

b) Connected to a BSNL landline phone with an auto dialer in the branch. As soon as the alarm goes off, a teleprompter should automatically inform Police Control Room (Phone No. 78370- 18500, 0161-2414932, 0161-2414933) regarding the suspicious activity in branch in a pre-recorded message.

c) Able to give out loud sound alarm/hooter which should be audible to neighbouring area upto 100 mts. so that any police patrol in the vicinity can immediately respond and the civilians in the neighbour hood can be cautioned.

d) Also be able to operate automatically in case of forceful opening or any damage to vault / strong room / currency chest.

  1. The vulnerable valuables like gold and huge amount of cash must be placed in a separate vault/locked room/strong room. There must be a system of Delayed locker that opens after a delay of 20- 25 minutes post OTP based authentication. The Locking system must be linked to a power backup system so that the security can be ascertained 24×7 and power failure doesn’t lead to any laxity in security. Strong Room should necessarily have OTP based authentication before opening. Strong Room should not be opened when the visitors are inside the hall.
  2. Management shall be responsible for deploying 24×7 armed guard at the entrance of all branches. Currency Chest branches and Gold loan companies must have atleast two armed guards during working hours and atleast one armed guard should be provided round the clock. All Armed Guards should be provided with lanyard with whistles. Gun licenses must be kept up to-date.
  3. Security staff must be deployed after proper antecedents check through Police verification. Security must not be utilized for any other duty except security. Mobile phones may be provided to security staff for seeking timely help in case of need.
  4. Management must ensure that the main entrance is provided with shutter gates/collapsible gate/steel barricades with chain and locking arrangements permitting only small opening for visitors at the branch entrance.
  5. Name & Phone Numbers of all visitors must be entered in a register before entering them.
  6. Management shall be responsible for displaying important phone numbers of Police Control Room, Central Police Control Room No. 112, Local SHO, ACP, ADCP at all vantage points in the branch.
  7. The management shall provide separate undertakings regarding compliance in this regard to the office of DCP / JCP and concerned Police Station within one month.

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