Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020

Prince Khullar slams Madan Mohan Mittal for calling farmer’s as Militants

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Chandigarh: Prince Khullar, senior Vice Chairman of Punjab Youth Development Board strongly condemn the shameful statement given by Madan Mohan Mittal Sr. Leader of BJP describing the Ann-daata farmers as ‘Militants’.

This has again uncovered the real face & malicious intent of BJP to disturb the peace & harmony of Punjab. Such statements intended to create unrest in the minds of farmers shall get befitting reply by the voters in the ongoing Bihar Elections.

The Centre Govt. is doing its level best to harm the financial stability of Punjab by stopping the Rural Development Fund and it is against the federal working structure of the governments. The cargo trains have been intentionally stopped to disrupt the development of Punjab despite of the fact that the rail tracks are clear.

As people are now well aware of the frivolous tactics of BJP, their top leadership is just getting further exposed everyday.

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