Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021


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A group of lawyers of Supreme Court under the leadership of HS Phoolka, Senior Advocate and Rajiv Khosla Member Delhi Bar Council assembled at Supreme Court and conveyed the message that they are with the farmers and showed solidarity with farmers.

 HS Phoolka demanded that the cases registered against the farmers should be immediately withdrawn. He also stated that the lawyers will extend full support including fighting their cases free of charges.  

HS Phoolka stated that every citizen has a Right to Protest and as such the Right to Protest cannot be taken away from the farmers. Phoolka further stated Right to Protest is a Constitutional Right and is the important part of democracy.

Rajiv Khosla Member Delhi Bar Council stated that the Delhi Bar Council is holding a meeting on 04.12.2020, to decide on this issue and it is likely that the lawyers of the country would stand against draconian laws. He further stated that ousting the jurisdiction of the Civil Court would amount to injustice.

Phoolka stated that the statement of CM Haryana that these farmers are playing in the hands of Political parties and khalistanis is highly condemnable. Phoolka stated that it’s an irresponsible statement and is absolutely wrong, these are ordinary farmers who are fighting for their livelihood.

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